Solar Lights

The five lights pictured below have been selected by LEN
for distribution in Liberia.

d.light S20 d.light S20

A bright and durable replacement for flashlights and lanterns, the S20’s brightness settings offer up to 8 hours of bright light for a variety of environments. Designed to be extremely user-friendly and flexible. (learn more)

d.light S300 d.light S300

The s300 provides bright white light at a wide angle with four brightness settings. A USB and set of pin adapters provides the ability to charge most cell phones used in Liberia. (learn more)

d.light S2 d.light S2

The s2 provides 4 hours of bright light on a day’s charge. It is designed as an ultra-affordable study light for students and entry level solar light for base of the pyramid consumers. (learn more)

barefoot power powapack 5w Barefoot Power PowaPack 5W

The PowaPack 5W includes 4 matrix 12 SMD LED lights to provide hours of brightness. At 45 lumens each, the matrix lamps supply room lighting for hours and are brighter than previous matrix lamps.

barefoot connect 600 Barefoot Connect 600

This unit provides light for up to four living areas, and is especially good for businesses, lighting large areas of traditional shops very effectively as well as larger public spaces such as schools and clinics. Besides charging cell phones, it can also power a radio/MP3 player and a 12 v fan. Selling for USD 235, less than the purchase price of a gas powered “Tiger” generators. (learn more)

barefoot Go Barefoot Go

Powered by a 2.5 Watt solar panel, with a135-lumen LED lamp, it is the brightest of the single-lamp class of solar lights available. The GO will not only charge cell phones, but can also power a radio/MP3 player, filling the market space between the basic single light and larger home lighting systems. The GO Sells for USD 80. (learn more)

girl with liberty 2 light boys with liberty 2 light