Len provides LED Security lighting at LIBR

LEN was selected in 2016 by the Sandia National Laboratories’ International Biological and Chemical Thread Reduction Program, which is supported by the US Department of State Biological Engagement Programs, to provide and install solar powered off-grid LED area security lighting and maintenance for the systems, as part of enhancing the physical security for LIBR. LIBR was first established in the 1970’s as a center for primate research on a number of tropical viral diseases, including Ebola and Lasa Fever, and fell into disrepair during the 14 years of civil war in Liberia.

In 2014 LIBR was suddenly drawn into the front lines of the battle against the deadly Ebola virus epidemic, performing critical tests for patients and researching the nature and possible cures for the disease. Because of its critical role in the response to the Ebola epidemic a crash program was instituted by international health and security agencies to upgrade the facilities research capacities and security the site to protect it from bioterrorism.

A critical element to improving site security occurred when in June and July, 2016 LEN with its all Liberian team, including electrical engineers and technicians, undertook the installation of reliable off-grid solar powered area lighting around the perimeter of the facility. LEN’s team completed the project , including importing, transportation logistics and installation on budget and ahead of schedule.

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